Possibilities of use


Do you want to be sure that the content you conveyed has been received by the participants? How about an interactive knowledge test? This is entertaining and original at the same time. This potentially increases the probability of a recommendation.

Trade fair and events

You probably also know the problem that it became more and more difficult to come up with something new to set yourself apart from the competition. With an interactive film you can attract more potential customers to your booth, because you want them to participate instead of just watching.


The search for new employees is often long and costly. Whether it is an applicant day, an assessment centre or a similar format, a lot of preparation and evaluation is required.
But how about an interactive film that queries the desired soft skills, like in a computer game, and thus filters out suitable candidates for you?


Your company is hosting a great event and you don't want your invitation to get lost in the spam folder of your customers?
How about an interactive video invitation? This will definitely make you stand out and will be remembered by your customers for a long time.

Image Films

You would like to present your company in an image film? Maybe on your homepage or in your social media channels?
Great idea, but why not choose the special one here as well? Bring together facts and fun while getting to know your company. Your potential customers will not forget you so easily.

Product promotion

Show what your product can do and let your potential buyers decide how and for what they want to use your product. You might even surprise one or the other future customer. Or are you particularly proud of your production? Let your customers interactively participate in the production of their new favourite product!

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